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Public vs. Private Cloud Computing, Which is Better?

January 11, 2015 By admin
Cloud computing refers to a series of data storage services including e-mail, protection of your confidential business data and accessing your virtual machines or servers using the internet. Cloud computing can be used effectively to your advantage, while if not used properly can lead to severe data losses and can severely affect the business, from its reliability standpoint. It is therefore a must that small businesses understand the difference between public and private cloud. Public Cloud computing Public cloud computing refers to all kinds of services such as Google Compute or Amazon Web services. Anyone or everyone can have an easy access to the data which you are using on. Millions of internet users share the same public cloud services using a shared thread on the World Wide Web. For instance, the US patriot Act grants permission to the US Govt to access any data stored in the US. While some companies in the European Union do not allow its strict and confidential data to move out from its servers. The reason, why a lot of companies still use varied forms of public cloud services is this. Many public cloud services provide you with amazing service level agreements which are unrealistically cheap. When small businesses are crippled with outages, you never know when you would get operational again and you are answerable to the client for keeping up with deadlines. Tailored or Specific cloud services If you are looking out for a more customized option on cloud computing services, but not as expensive as Private cloud computing, wherein you need to pay a hefty sum, towards getting the software legally commissioned under your name, then you can go in for specific or structured cloud computing services. These include Agility Mailbox and Agility Desktop. These are intended desirable for small scale industries, as they provide you with data backup that public computing services provide you with. Plus the data is customized to meet your day to day requirements, keeping in mind that your business is an upcoming one. Private Cloud computing services Private cloud services provide you with a personalized virtual environment. However the data copy rights to acquire the same is on the expensive side. As you need to commission the data use under the entity’s name. Whatever data or information you store on your virtually designed servers stays with you. It doesn’t go out of the business entity as such. Legal firms, wherein confidentiality of their customer’s data is what spins the business, can typically go in for Private cloud services. Private cloud computing come to you with a very high level of security and ensure that standards around data compliance are thoroughly met. Hybrid varieties In reality, an ideal technological hub will use an optimum mix of public and private cloud computing. You can go in for targeted or specific platforms like Agility Mail and Agility Desktop, where your data is securely managed or customized from the industry’s point of view. You can use cloud technology to effectively manage E-Mail, Desktop Applications, backups and storage. However, in case of outages or lack of clue on how things can be moved forward, you can make use of public cloud computing services. Just as a standby arrangement. Have you now clearly understood the concept behind public and private cloud computing and IT Infra Support is here to provide both services based on customer need.