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Server management is an important part of website operation and other IT related services. Servers are the primary sources that run and manage every operation, integrate thousands of commands and requirements and executed in a perfect and coordinated manner to ensure every part of your enterprise is running exactly as it should. Any disruption in server configuration or capabilities will lead to inevitable; a commodity not affordable for any business in the present day environment. Server Management ServicesIt will be justified to say that servers are the heart of any organization. So, there should not be anything that causes a problem in the functioning of the servers because the whole organization depends upon the servers. This is where we, IT Infra Support come in to the picture. It is our complete server management services that can offer you great sigh of relief; and your IT team can focus on more important tasks like planning the strategy, and taking care of your central application. Our proactive serviceThe IT infrastructure and the data centers are our key focus areas in the server management services. Our services include comprehensive management of the servers, proactive support, and hardware repairing, installation and alerting services. Our expert team of networking and hosting at IT Infra Support work 24 x 7 to manage your server’s operating system and also the hardware part of it is taken care of by them. In order to take proper care of your servers, we keep a proper log for each separate server and record every issue and any changes. This helps us to keep a complete record of the servers and effectively manage the servers. We also have a tracking system in place where any issues related to the servers are logged and the status is regularly updated so that our clients can know the progress that is happening on their servers. This is also the reason why we always have the record of the server usage, utilization of CPU, and also the network activity. Important benefits of our server management services Proactive service: This service helps us to monitor your server in a better way, and so we can easily predict about the performance and capacity issues. This helps us to suggest you about the changes that might be needed to be done in the near future. Comprehensive coverage: We support many hardware and operating systems; and linux and windows management system is among our specialties. So you can be relaxed about the servers operating in your organization. Virtualization: We also take care of this complex subject, and manage your virtual environment including the VMWare and Hyper V. Service always available: Our team of experts works round the clock 24 x 7 to ensure that none of your queries or server issues go unheard. Whenever you call or get in touch with us via email, our experts will always be available to help you with the issues. SLA: The services level agreement that we offer to our clients for Server management services is for their additional peace of mind. With this agreement they can be sure about the kind of services that they are going to get from us.At IT Infra Support our team of experts will also help you to analyze your organization strength and the capacity of servers that you might need for efficient functioning. Our team will first discuss with you about your requirements and then suggest you the best option. We will take care of everything from the time of planning, execution, and after that we also offer our comprehensive server management services.