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Working upon set systems, though convenient, may prove costly and inefficient as new developments are made in the world of technology. New and better performing systems may render your trusted and easy to operate existing infrastructure, be it software or hardware, irrelevant and obsolete. In such cases, it is extremely crucial to acquire a guided shift from old to new systems, which will not only manage the information, processes and data securely, but also make the transformation simple and swift and effortless to undertake. Migration Services

Have you decided to migrate your hosted environment but not sure about the best way to handle it? If yes, then you have landed on right page because at IT Infra Support, we specialize in this area. And with our team of experts, we will help you to plan, implement and guide you through the migration services. Our team of experts is very well experienced in email applications, databases server migration services. Mentioned below are some of our specialized zones.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is a serious step up for any business. It considered being very serious in nature because organization’s private, confidential and most valuable data and applications are moved from existing computers to another computers or cloud. Lack of expertise in this process could prove fatal to any organization. With IT Infra Support by your side, our experts will help you in cloud migration in a smooth, seamless and cost effective manner.

Email Migration

The Email Migration most often needed for an organization to move to a new and updated server or any other reasons. In this process, the content of the mailbox like the contacts, emails, appointments and other such details are moved. There are various procedures of doing the email migration. However, our experienced team at IT Infra Support first analyzes your needs, your existing and future server and service provider details, and then recommends a standard procedure for you. We make it a point to handle the migration procedure in a way that least affects the employees.

Server Migration

The IT sector is getting updated with each passing day. And, with this there are also new servers introduced in the market. The new servers introduced in the market are fast, have more capacity and improve the overall functioning of the business. With server migration, the data, and other resources are moved from one server to another. This task is best handled by the team of experts who have experience on working with the servers. It is a major task for any organization, and so a proper plan is charted out before this takes place. The data is also backed up before the migration so that in case if anything goes wrong then the data can be easily restored. With IT Infra support all these things will be very efficiently taken care of. Our experts will do the planning, implementing and efficiently doing the server migration for your organization.

Migration Planning

Migration of any type of data or application comes with a cost. There are lots of issues like the privacy, value, importance and usability of the resources that needs to be considered beforehand. Our team will sit with you and discuss about your requirements and your organization setup. With all these details at hand, we will recommend you the best plan of action that will help to handle the migration services with great ease. We will also ensure that the migration services take place in a way that has minimal interference with your regular work.