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The IT security is just the process to keep the information source protected, secure, and make sure that the privacy aspect of the data is taken extremely good care of. Information is very important for us mankind and so it is very important to keep the information source secured. In the earlier times, we had the hard books, files and secret documents as information sources, but now everything is stored in the soft files format on the servers and computers. We all need access to the confidential information stored on these sources, and this makes the IT security very important. IT security is of prime importance for many businesses because the data available on their servers is the main source of their business. IT Security is a process The Information Technology security involves a lot of policies, processes, security products and various technologies are used to protect the information source. With regard to the IT security of an organization or for a particular, just the use of security software’s, tools or any other policies are not enough. It is important that there be a particular set of process that guides the usage of data, access to the system where confidential information is stored, and various policies that affect the users of the system in an organization. This requires the human expertise as well, as they can plan well and intervene when necessary policies need to be applied on the servers or systems. IT Security is the responsibility of all The IT security could be compromised in a very bad way if the passwords are easily reset, and the help desk follows proper security measures set by the security administrators. Actually, it is all employees or worker in the organization that have to take care of the IT security aspect of their organization. Any weak link in this regard could result in the disaster for the organization. The firewall is a strong protection, but in the past there have been incidences where even a small mistake in the configuration has given the hackers a way into the system. So the developers, application management teams, and head of the IT security, should all be very strict while using any software, applications and programs on their network. IT security is not a matter of afterthought after a problem is caused. It is something that should be taken care of way ahead of time, and proper process should be in place before anything could go bad. IT security also depends upon usability There is no completely secures IT system, unless and until no one is using the system. If there are many people accessing the information stored on the servers then the IT security surely has to be really strong. It is best to have a team of professionals to handle the IT security aspects of your organization if you want to have the perfect security solution for your organization. And, make sure that all the security processes are properly taken care of.