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IT Audit

While conducting an IT Audit, the organizations operations, policies and especially the Information Technology infrastructure is closely examined and evaluated. The Audits checks whether the IT protocols set are able to protect the corporate assets, data integrity, and also determine if they match with the overall business goals set by the organization. The IT Infra support not only checks for the physical security control parameters, but we also examine the overall financial controls, business controls and everything that comes under the IT system. Due to the use of modern technology in every aspects of business, the IT audits are set in place to ensure that every aspect is working fine and all the processes are working smoothly. The primary goals of the IT Audit are:

 Evaluate the processes and systems that protect the organizations data.  Examine the potential risks to the assets of the company, and implement proper measures to minimize the risks.  Make sure that all the processes related to the information management are in compliance with the specific standards, policies and laws set for the IT.  Examine any type of inefficiency associated with the IT systems. IT Infra support

At IT infra support we make use of the PCI scan and then by referring to the report we fix the issues accordingly. We do not just have our clientele in the local market, but we have also done a lot of IT audits in the offices based in remote locations of Germany, Australia, Canada and the US. Our team of experts are all qualified engineers and have years of experience that backs them up to carry out the task of IT audit.

How PCI scan helps

PCI (Payment card Industry) is a data security standard that is set with the collaboration of MasterCard and visa. So all the business that process the credit cards should abide by the data security standards set by the PCI. This standard is applicable for all the cards and this ensures that there is no breach in the security, identity theft, and also helps against any fraud. So with the PCI scanning we help the businesses to identify this section and take proper measures to ensure that their IT system is fully protected and the vulnerable areas are taken care of.

How IT Audit helps

A well position company will usually improve their IT budget in the recession times in order to improve the competitiveness when the economy actually improves. However, the companies that do not have such a well establish status in the market either because of lack of financing options or due to the lack of assurance of immediate improvement in sales will benefit a lot from the IT Audit because it will help them to understand clearly about their IT expenditures, and as a result they will get a clear picture on the areas where they need to save, spend and invest. Our IT Audit team at the IT Infra Support will be very happy to help you in this regard. Regardless of your location, we will ensure that your requirements are taken care of.

The information and data of any organization is like the heart and soul of their business. Any small error or wrong configurations could cause serious threats to the system and the business could be compromised. With the IT Audit by professionals who are certified to carry out this task, you will get detailed information about the loopholes and errors in your system. This will help you to eliminate the problems and make your security system more strong and impenetrable by the hackers outside your organization. IT Audit will help the protect and enhance all the security protocols that you have set in place.