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IT Infra Support is providing the best in class cloud servers which act as the virtual hosting solutions for present business strategies and can also make it easy for the firm and help in cutting cost that may need to incur if deciding to buy a traditionally used physical storage setup. Instead of having your own private server and hosting it, you can easily buy a section of our server space as per your own requirements and can use that space for your data storage needs in the most congenital and private manner. Cloud Server Support also helps in reducing the extra capital expenditure which you may need to incur while buying a complete physical storage setup. This technology makes it possible for you to get the server space as per your own needs. You can also increase and decrease the server space whenever you need to, and you have to pay only as per your usages and ownership of space. Cloud Server Support

At IT Infra Support, we provide the top class cloud server support. Our soul focus in this regard is that your cloud server should work in the most efficient manner and you should be able to only concentrate on the vital areas of your business like planning new sales strategies, and other business development areas. We realize that when it comes to the cloud server support, it is only the experts that can be involved in this area. So we have a experienced team of experts specialized to handle any tasks related to cloud server, and this team works on a 24 x 7 basis. Mentioned below are some of the areas wherein we possess experience and expertise.

Amazon Web Services

As the name suggests, it is a cloud computing platform that is offered by Amazon. There are wide ranges of cloud computing services offered by Amazon. Whether you are planning to use the services of AWS for your existing setup or for a new setup, IT Infra Support with all our expert network engineers, cloud engineers, and system managers will ensure that everything takes place in the best way and the process takes place in a streamlined way. All that you need to do is let us know what you are looking for and we will ensure that you get the best of the AWS cloud server support.

Linode cloud services

With the help of the Linode Cloud services it is very easy to deploy a server. The websites work really great on the Lionde server. We at IT Infra Support will ensure that all your monitoring, setup, migration, performance optimization, trouble shooting and maintenance of your Linode Cloud server system. We have a dedicated staff to help you with the Linode servers. Our team can also help you do setup the complex tasks like automated scalability, load balancing and high availability etc.

Rackspace cloud services

This is another area of our expertise. There are various different cloud storage services that the Rackspace offers to its clients. Cloud block, cloud files, cloud back up and cloud storage are some of them. This cloud services are very easy to manage, and the users can manage these services on even a simple online portal. There are also the basic features like the mobile access, guaranteed uptime, and replication offered to the customers. Rackspace offers the cloud services that make the day to day functioning of your business very easy. If you are planning to move on to any of the systems above or are looking for reliable cloud server support, then all that you need to do is contact us. The above mentioned cloud computing platform needs an expert’s guidance and support. We have a dedicated team for each section, and so you can be sure that the Cloud server support that we provide you will be of top quality. Our teams work 24 x 7, and so we can easily monitor your server activities and provide you the needed help at times of need.

Our DevOps as a service expertis

• One click deployments and rollback
• Configure Automated Alerts
• Centralized Log Management
• Infrastructure Security
• Continuous Process and Infrastructure Development
• Continuous Integration and Continuous Development
• Disaster Recovery
• Performance Optimization and Stess Testing
• Collaboration with Dev and QA team

5 years of DevOps consulting experience, we know tools that should be used for client devops requirements. Our team is good with all leading DevOps tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Docker, Jenkins, Nagios, ELK etc. We ensure that the remote DevOps projects are successfully executed using these efficient tools.