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Managed IT Services- An All Rounder Technological Tool for Business

January 11, 2015 By admin
Managed IT Services takes care of all the network related services, internet based applications, and other requirements of the online business, and so proves to be beneficial to a business in more than one way. This type of service is beneficial to the employees, the clients and to the owner, and contributes to an overall boost to the business. As an outsider to the business, Managed IT Service providers only handle the network and technology based needs, integrated applications, certificates, and online security of the business contents, while the core business is only left with the people within the organization. This outsourcing strategy, especially helps businesses that lack resources to maintain their computer network frequently. IT Managed Services usually include the following services: Backup Management: Any kind of business involves a lot of important data that needs protection, storage, sharing, and retrieving options. Backups are essentially made to prevent data losses. Maintaining an all around database is tricky as it requires a constant upgrade and monitoring. As the amount of stored data multiplies with seconds, its monitoring becomes much more difficult. There are numerous ways of making backups, including operating system backing, Cloud backup, shifting backup services, tape backup, etc. The data monitoring becomes immensely complicated by the huge range of backup solutions. IT support services help to arrange and monitor the complete database backup constantly while frequently notifying the user even if a little change takes place. Cloud or Online Management: This type of service ensures easy operation and maintenance of online applications and cloud services through internet based software and technologies. This aspect of Managed IT Services focuses on enhancing the functionality of cloud computing based services including: Performance tracking of server functionality such as uptime-downtime, latency, response time etc. IT auditing. Online security and contingency plan management. Compliance management. Online server support. Server Management: IT Infra Support include maintaining and supporting the web servers for individual organizations. A well supported networking system ensures commercial growth in all platforms. These services can drastically reduce server downtime so that the business can benefit from continuous network up-time. Hosted e-mail services and VOIP: Voice over IP calls and e-mail hosting services are especially beneficial for e-commerce and for calling employees on tour or working from home. There are also some Managed IT Services include website development for doing online businesses and attracting more customers as well which contributes greatly to any organization.