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Create a New Failover Cluster

February 2, 2015 By admin
A through research and planning is required for implementation of window server cluster management. The Windows server management mechanism for creating and managing the failover cluster is the cluster administration application. Below are the Tips for creating the new failover cluster which is mandatory to know: From the Administrative Tools folder open the Windows Server 2008 Server Manager. Select the features listed in the left pane and add them in the right pane. Select the failover clustering in the left pane and click next. From the administrative tool folder open failover cluster management. In the centre pane, click on validate A configuration. Now enter the appropriate network name for each node and elect all of them to ensure that testing validation is accurate. Click next and run the entire test to ensure the proper configuration. If any of the tests fails you can rerun only the failed tests again. Click next and verify the tests to be performed. Once these are complete the summary page will appear with the results of the test. Click on finish button to end the Validate a Configuration. In case of any errors fix the problems and run the entire wizard again. Now the create cluster wizard will start and here you require to enter the node names that will be used for forming the cluster. Click nest and proceed towards the access point required for administering the cluster page.  This page will ask for information about IP address and the cluster names. Click next for validating the entire settings and go ahead to the conformation page.  Validate and ensure that the information filled is accurate. Click on the finish button to exit the wizard. The above tips and steps will guide you for management of windows server cluster.